Pure Love

A week after I rushed out of his room, I felt so miserable without Travis that I had to call him. "Sorry I haven't been in touch," I said when he answered. "You just . . . surprised me." He sounded relieved and said, "I'm glad you called. It's not that I don't love you, but I have to follow my faith." When he said it that time, it finally clicked: This wasn't about me. Travis wouldn't have sex because he needed to stay true to his beliefs—and it was that devotion that I'd always loved about him. I knew I wanted to be with him, even though I still felt a little hurt. "Let's figure out how to make this work," I said.

Travis and I have now been together for nine months. Not having sex is hard, because I feel like I'm missing something great that everyone else is doing. But having Travis in my life is more important. And who knows— I still may end up being the one for him![17

what travis says

"Not having sex has made us closer. Most couples only focus on the physical part of a relationship, not the emotional, which I think is more important. We understand each other and can talk about anything."

How Make Houppelande

How will jow look in your jeans this fall?

In these hot shapes, the answer is simple: AWESOME! Here's a sneak peek of the ten denim must-haves for back-to-school.

Photographs by Tiziano Magni skinn

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