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Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

As a wedding photographer, you spend a lot of your time focusing on the business side of it. You want to provide your clients with the most beautiful pictures and you want to turn a profit for yourself. Beyond that, though, you should think about some other things. For example, as a photographer, you should know why someone should hire you over having his or her Uncle Vinny take charge of the photographs themselves.

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Wedding Photography Secret

Heres The Most Comprehensive Wedding Photography Course Ever! Why stress free wedding photography is critical to your financial future and how a quick insight into the mindset of your clients will help get ahead any other photographer very fast! How to use wedding photography to capture emotions instead of just plain moments and how to combine the science and art for spectacular results. Questions to your biggest seven questions about wedding photography and busting myths about what makes a good photo session in the eyes of your customer. How to use Pre-visualization to take breath-taking pictures! The one most common mistake all photographers do when it comes to filling the frame (and they ruin almost all photos with this) and one quick technique to keep proportions right in any situation.

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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

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Optimization of Your Images

In Figure 11.3, I used the Develop module in Lightroom 3 to adjust the image's exposure, recovery (to return detail to the highlights), and saturation. Without adjusting the recovery, I would lose all detail in the white of the dress, which is typically undesirable when working on wedding photography. I'll complete any of my more advanced adjustments (such as skin softening) in Photoshop and discuss them later. It is essential to get these basic adjustments taken care of up front because they affect the retouching and adjusting of the rest of the image.

Price Determination

When I started in the wedding photography business, I was only charging about a grand for a wedding in rural upstate New York. After working for Harrington, I went home and tripled my prices. With the tripling of my prices, I shortly tripled my business. I was no longer at the bottom of the pile for the least expensive (and seemingly least experienced photographer). Now my work was among the best photographers in that market, and clients compared my work to those photographers in a similar price range. Tripling my prices was the best thing I ever did for my early career. It helped people take me more seriously.

Why This Book

The concepts of fashion photography, however, are applicable to any portrait or wedding photographer. That's where this book comes in. Other books instruct people on how to become fashion photographers, including getting established in the industry or working with models. This book introduces you to the concepts of fashion photography and shows you how to put these concepts to work in your wedding and portrait photography. This book is practical and geared at making you money. It doesn't just focus on the career path of a fashion photographer or the creative process. It covers everything from fashion poses to essential fashion lighting techniques to important ways to retouch your clients to achieve the fashion look. You can take these skills to the bank now by offering your clients unique fashion flair in their portraits.

Two Bright Lights

There has been a lot of excitement around Two Bright Lights (http home.php), an image sharing social network for wedding photographers and wedding vendors. This site provides a way for you to share your images with vendors at the weddings you have photographed, thus helping to increase your bookings via vendor referral and to get your gorgeous images in front of more potential clients. Furthermore, this Web site offers a quick and easy way to submit your images to a variety of wedding publications and blogs to increase your chances for publication and exposure. The more publications you have, the more prestige and exposure you attract and the more money you make.

Bourdins Background

At age twenty Bourdin joined the French air force for his mandatory two years of military service, working as an aerial photographer in Dakar, Senegal. After he completed his service, he wanted to buy a small wedding photography business in Magny-en-Vexin, near the family home in Normandy. Refused a loan by his father, Bourdin worked at Bon March , the Paris department store, selling lenses and at a variety of odd jobs, including cleaning floors, acting as a messenger at the U.S. Embassy, and washing dishes at the Brasserie Lipp. During this period, he continued to draw, photograph, and produce paintings inspired by Balthus, Francis Bacon, and Stanley Spencer.