Trousers Mens

1. High waist pants pulled in by belt 2. Leather buckle 3. Metal cowboy buckle 4. Pointed buckle idea 5. Metal clip fastening 6. Leather strap on braces 7. Leather braces

Trousers Bracing Fastening Ideas

Fastening Ideas

Trousers 85

1+2. Embossed leather zip pulls on metal attachments 3. Stamped metal zip pull 4. Shaped rubber zip pull 5. Tied fabric pull 6. Metal 'badge' pull

86 Trousers Mens Designer Jeans

1+2. Angled belt loops, front and back 2+4. Narrow elastic at waist, front and back 5. Key pocket below side pocket 6. Shirred side. Double pockets 7. Double side pockets

1. Shaped patch pockets 2. Print fabric patch at waist 3+4. Contrast waistband lined in paisley print, front and back S. Extended side seam 6. Contrast back yoke 7. Piped side pocket

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