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B. 1957

Birthplace: Bapaume, France

Leger's "bender dresses" are designed to perfect the female body, and that they do. Made of bands that stretch and mold, the creations of Herve Leger are often compared with those of Azzedine Alai'a, the well-known "King of Cling." Leger's sensual creations are body conscious, sophisticated, and carefully designed for each client from narrow fabric bands of Lycra and spandex, which are hand cut, sewn, and made especially for the woman who is not shy about her femininity.

Having started his design career as a hat maker, he mastered the difficult techniques involved in creating custom hats, which must be perfectly crafted, and he uses this ability in the execution of his made-to-order garments. Like a milliner, Leger first takes the client's measurements. He then makes a wood and cloth mannequin with her exact dimensions and constructs the dress on the form, with the best features of the client in mind. Having designed swimwear for both Fendi and Coco Chanel, he makes use of that knowledge, as well. His dresses are decidedly extensions of swimsuit shapes which are glamorous in their simplicity and completely without ornamentation. He also worked for Jeanne Lanvin, Chloe and Charles Jour-dan before debuting the first collection under his own name in 1992.

Clearly Leger intends to elevate the female form to goddess-like proportions, accentuating its beauty by sculpting it to perfection. One of the finest examples of his work is a wedding dress of white elastic ribbon with tulle sleeves and train, an ultra-flattering ultra-feminine confection for the woman who does not wish to hide her sexuality. The House of Leger is currently planning the introduction of a new fragrance to be distributed in the United States of America through Giorgio of Beverly Hills.

In 2000 Herve Leger was fired from the company bearing his name by its new owners. In late summer of the same year, he changed his name to Herve Leroux and, as of this writing, is designing a line for the famous hosiery and bodywear company Wolford. See also: Azzedine Alai'a; Ga-brielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel; Jeanne Lanvin; Chloe.

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