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Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland

Awards: COTY Award, 1980, 1984

Inaugural Council of Fashion Designers of America Menswear Design Award, 1981

Outstanding Menswear Designer of the Year by Cutty Sark, 1981, 1982 Woolmark Award, 1991

Designer of the Year, Neckwear Association, 1997

Barnes studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She began her design career in 1976 when she produced 1,000 pairs of pants for a retail executive. Barnes emerged on the menswear scene during the Peacock Revolution of the 1970s when many men adopted more expressive, flamboyant forms of dress. During this decade, Barnes's futuristic designs attracted many customers including rock stars such as Elton John and John Lennon. Molded shoulders, button-up collars, and bag pockets represent some of her early innovative design elements. By 1980 Barnes had shifted from using unusual features to employing unique textures and fabrics to create visual interest in her designs. In 1979 she teamed up with Erasmo "Eddie" DiRusso, a master tailor, to design her menswear collections.

Although Barnes continues to produce menswear, in the late 1980s she reallocated much of her creative energy to designing textiles. Using Macintosh computers, mathematics, and fractal geometry, she creates textile designs for clothing, accessories, furniture, upholstery, and carpets. In the 1990s she gained prominence for men's neckwear featuring her unique designs.

Barnes has licensing agreements with Knoll International for textile designs, Bernhardt Furniture Company for furniture, and Collins and Aikman for carpet. In 1998 Jhane Barnes, Inc., collaborated with Bernhardt Furniture Company to form Jhane Barnes Textiles, a company which markets textiles for furniture. Los Angeles became the site of Barnes' first freestanding store in 1997, and two years later she opened another store in Scotts-dale, Arizona. Both stores feature Barnes's clothing and accessories. Website: http://www.jhanebarnes.com

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