Zoran Ladicorbic Zoran

B. 1947

Birthplace: Belgrade, Yugoslavia

His devotees, called "Zoranians," are a group of socialites, celebrities, and high-powered businesswomen who have given up their jewelry, their couture gowns, and any other superfluous ornamentation to embrace his pure and consistent aesthetic. His clothes are sans buttons, bows, beads, cuffs, collars, snaps, zippers, ruffles, prints . . . anything that might be considered unnecessary. His fabrics are limited primarily to cashmere, silk, cashmere, linen, and, of course, cashmere. He is Zoran.

From year to year, his collections vary little and are based primarily on five to seven pieces in five to seven colors. His philosophy is clear: minimal silhouettes in opulent fabrics yield the most comfort and elegance. In his ready-to-wear business, which opened in New York in 1976, he has remained true to his fashion philosophy: simplicity is everything. Zoran has never courted department store buyers or staged lavish fashion shows. He has avoided putting his name on cosmetics, sunglasses, and fragrances. Yet, women who believe that spare is more refined than splash wear it and want it, even more as the years go by.

Culture watchers believe Zoran's unadorned creations are a sign of the times. A one-time student of architecture, Zoran uses linear, clean lines which were, and still are, refined, spiritual, and simple, in keeping with the spirit of understatement that pervaded modern fashion during the final years of the last millennium.


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