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1. Fancy inside-collar. 2. Embroidered collar points. 3. Subtle stitching. 4—9. Fancy buttons. Opposite:

1. Striped piping. 2. Button and loop. 3. Rounded button patch on fly front 4. Tucked collar point 5—8. Fancy front button ideas. 9. Bartacks on tucks. 10. Contrast stripe forms placket 11. Embroidery on cuff. 12. Seam extends into placket

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pique shirts

Pique Shirts

1. Fancy embroidery. 2. Embroidered collar points. 3. Satin stitch edging. 4. Pocket bag sewn through. 5. Tab buttons onto shirt front

6. Pocket corners reinforced.

7. Trim inserted into patch pocket 8. Multi stitching on pocket and on seam above pocket 9. Fancy stitching. 10. Tucked pocket

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100 Fashion Tips

100 Fashion Tips

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