Centre Inverted Pleat


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Inverted Pleat Fly Placket

1. Double colJar feature has tab button fastening. 2. High collar folds over and buttons. 3. Double pocket through angled seaming. 4. Stitched through pocket has fine cord welt 5 + 6. Adjustable side tabs. 7. Side rib inset has label sewn above.

Inverted Pleat Fly Placket


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Inverted Pleat Fly Placket
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1. Tab fastening under collar. 2. Buttoned placket has rounded top edge. 3. pf Horizontal stitching above and below buttons. 4 + 5. <£ Double pockets incorporating small money I1J pockets and large patch pockets. 6. Side slit has ^ contrast facing underneath. 7. Ribbing at side hem has rounded edge. 8. Diagonal topstitched seam to hem. 9. Rib hem with fabric reinforcement at centre front

Action Pleat

1. Zip front has buttoned tab which fastens on inside. 2. Exposed zip front has shaped flv. 3. Large buttoned fly lies underneath zip. 4. Jacket has top-stitched "action-back". 5. Action back has adjustable tab fastening. 6—9. Variations on elastic adjusters at side waist.

Action PleatAction Back Pleat

1. Buttoned fly front is held down by 2 rows of stitching below top button. 2. Zip front has button at top neck. 3. Detachable fur fabric lining. 4. Stud-in quilt lining. 5—7. Variations on shoulder epaulettes. 8. Check lining finishes just above drawstring waist 9 + 10. Two ideas for drawstring waists.

Back Buttoned BoundPleat Womenswear


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1. Contrast collar. 2. Narrow rib sports collar. 3. Bound edge on quilted jacket 4. Top-stitch detail. 5. Decorated buckle on tab adjustor. 6. Contrast buckle fastening at hem. 7. "Waistcoat" style adjustor at back waist 8. Buttoned inverted pleat at centre back with fancy top-stitching.

Drawing Inverted Pleats

1. Zip fly. Buttons at centre front threaded through tape.

2. Buttons at fly front sit on reinforced patches. 3—5. Three variations on side adjustors placed above top-stitched seams. 64-7. Tabs inserted from centre back panel pull jacket in at waist.

1. Drawstring collar set behind narrow rib collar. 2. Flat-locked seams. Double rib collar; top collar has edge stripe. 3. Zip under deep welt 4. Rounded striped rib pocket 5. Pocket incorporated into rounded seam under the armhole. 6. Stitched through pocket bag touches top of stitched through dart. 7. Jacket hem has jacquard rib. 8. Top-stitched reinforcement above pocket 9. Tab adjustor at side hem.

Jacket Adjustor

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