Sporty jackets

Civil War Pattern Jacket

1. Undercollar has button feature. Rib inset at raglan.

2. Contrast button tab at neck. 3. Triangular contrast patch holds pleat at shoulder. 4. Action-back has contrast inset 5. Label at centre front hem. Also top-stitched dart 6. Rib inset under arm. Drawstring hem. 7. Shield on side tab. 8. Shaped elastication inset at side hem.

Sporty Jackets Sporty Jackets

1. Zipped inset at neck. Contrast panel at centre front 2. Buttoned V inset at neck. Printed logo across yoke. 3. Zip fastening under button front 4. Zip tape exposed. 5. Contrast facing and fly. 6. Zip under pocket flap. Label stitched underneath. 7. Angled patch pocket over printed motif. 8. Triangular label at pocket corner. 9. Printed garment care on underside of pocket nap.

Concealed Placket Fashion Illustration

1. Zip extends through ribbed coliar. 2. Contrast lining and placket 3. Ribbed collar under drawstring neckline. 4. Sporty motif attached to contrast panel. 5, Contrast hood lining. Flat-locked raglan seams. 6. Contrast hood lining and placket facing. Decorative loop at bottom of placket 7. Label at corner of pocket. 8 + 9. Top-stitched pocket variations.


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Mitred Collar

1. Buckled tab on high collar. 2. Mitred collar edge. 3. Zip fly continues through high quilted collar. 4. Fur trim round collar and down front edge. 5. Padded pocket has tucks at bottom edge. 6 + 7. Pocket flaps held down by bartacks. 8. Stitch reinforcement about cuff. 9. Contrast elbow patch. 10. Seamed sleeve. Extended cuff. 11. Jacquard rib cuff.

Angled Cuff Rib



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1. Buckled quilt collar. 2. Collar detail. 3. Contrast section on zipped jet pocket 4. Narrow stripe welt 5. Jetted pocket covered by buttoned flap. 6. Stitched through narrow jet pocket 7. Elastication above storm cuff. 8. Placket stitching extends down cuff. 9. Zip opens to reveal double sleeve and cuff.

Attached Fur Collar Drawing


1. Hood hidden inside collar. Label attached to back of collar. 2. Label attached to inside of fly front. Quilted collar. 3—5. Variations on ways of adjusting side waist 6. Quilted pocket flap. Jacquard jet pocket underneath. 7. Printed ribbing on jacket 8. Contrast welt partially concealed by stud-down flap. 9. Reinforced patches either end of jacquard rib-pocket.

quilted jackets

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