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Introduction 3

The Normans: The Bayeux Tapestry Reconsidered 5

Plate 1: Mail and Helmets, cl050 - cl250 8

Plate 2: Body Defences, c!250 - cl360 10

13th Century Soldiers 12

14th C Handgunner 15

14th C Bowmen 16

14th C Knights 21

Plate 3: Head and Neck Defences, cJ250 - cl370 22

14th C Artillery 25

Plate 4: 14th C Garnbesons, Pourpoints, Jupons

& Coat Armour 26

14th C Women on Campaign 28

Plate 5: Underwear and Basic Civilian Costume 32

15th C Men's Costume 34

Headgear and Footwear 36

15th C Women's Costume 38

15th C Italian Soldiers 42

Cloth, Dyes, and Sumptuary Laws 44

Livery 45

The Duke of Burgundy's Archer Bodyguard 46

Plate 6: Livery, I2tli to 15th C 48

Plate 7: 15tli C Livery and Badges 50

Masters of Artillery 52

Music and Games 55

Francs Archiers 56

15th C English Soldiers 57

15th C German Soldiers 60

Plate 8: Garnbesons, Jacks and Brigandines 64

Jacks and Brigandines 66

Handgunners 69

15th C Swiss Soldiers 74

15th C Women on Campaign 78

Armours 80

Plate 9: Garments worn under Armour 82

Helmets 85

Landsknechts 86

Plate 10: Swiss and German Infantry, c 1500-1525 88

Plate 11: Reislaufer and Landsknecht, cl515-1525 90

Tailpiece: Recreating Medieval Costume 94

Further Reading, and Acknowledgements 96

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